本届活动以“In北京——爱上北京的100个理由”为主题。 短视频可以是外籍友人拍摄的作品,也可以是以外籍友人为主人公拍摄的作品。主办方希望通过此项活动让更多的外国朋友聆听北京、触摸北京、感知北京。


第四届“爱上北京的100个理由”主题短视频和漫画插画征集大赛最终将在投稿作品中评选出具有代表性的100部优秀短视频作品和100幅优秀的漫画插画作品汇编成集, 并在海内外社交媒体等平台广泛发布。

A cultural communication activity held by the Information Office of Beijing Municipal Government, "100 Reasons To Love Beijing" is aiming at collecting theme-based short videos from foreigners who have an affinity for Beijing, showcasing the real image of the metropolis through the unique perspectives and diverse cultural backgrounds of foreigners. This year marks the fourth session of the competition.

With the theme of "In Beijing — 100 Reasons To Love Beijing", this year's competition is open to foreigners around the world. Short videos can be works filmed by foreigners, as well as works featuring foreigners as the main characters. The organizers hope to allow more foreign friends to hear, touch, and experience Beijing through the event.

In addition to the continuation of the previous three years, the 2023 session includes a cartoon and illustration competition. The outstanding works will be exhibited at the awards ceremony.

A total of 100 outstanding short videos and 100 distinguished cartoons and illustrations will be selected from all the works submitted. A collection is to be released on various social platforms.